How to Book

  • 1
    Get a referral from your GP or Consultant.
  • 2
    Contact your insurer in order to get pre-authorisation code.
  • 3
    Book an appointment online on the home page or ring the Alexandra booking office on 0161 495 7000.

Insured Patients

A referral from GP or Consultant will be normally required by your insurer. Please contact your insurance company to get pre-authorisation code and check the extent of your cover. You should again contact your insurer for confirmation of your entitlement to benefits before all subsequent tests and follow-up appointments. The insurance company will be invoiced directly on your behalf (but you will be responsible for payment of excess on your policy if applicable). Dr Ruzicka is 'fee-assured' Consultant, i.e. his fees are within limits set by insurance companies.

Self-funding patients

A referral from GP is not necessary. The consultation fee is £220 for new patients and £120 for follow-ups. The fee can be settled cash in clinic (with £20 discount), by bank transfer and cheque. Sorry, no facilities for debit/credit card payments.


The private consultation will normally include ECG, taking history and physical examination. You will have enough time to discuss all your concerns. Dr Ruzicka will give you his opinion about your problem. If further tests are required, you will get the choice to undertake them privately or on NHS. Dr Ruzicka will explain in detail the treatment plan and will answer all your questions. Clinic letter will be posted following day to you and your GP.

Please bring a list of your medication.

Should you need to cancel your appointment, please contact the booking office as soon as possible. No cancellation fee is payable but early notice will be greatly appreciated.

Private Cardiology Consultations & Services

Private and NHS Manchester Cardiologist Dr P Ruzicka offers his expertise and impeccable personal attention in dealing with your cardiac problems. The private consultation will take place in a pleasant environment of the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle. You will get adequate time to understand treatment plan in detail and ask questions. There is no waiting time for consultations, Dr Ruzicka offers appointments every Saturday 9 am.

ECG is carried out in all new patients during the first consultation. All tests, investigations and procedures can be booked with minimal waiting time at the Alexandra Hospital or patients can be transferred on standard NHS waiting lists.

ECG - Electrocardiogram

  • Tracing of the electrical activity of the heart which shows heart rate and rhythm

24-Hour ECG Monitor, Holter

  • Continuous recording of the heartbeat for a day or more

24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Gold standard test for diagnostics of high blood pressure (hypertension)

Echo - Transthoracic Echocardiogram

  • Ultrasound imaging of the heart and the blood flow though it

TOE - Transoesophageal Echocardiogram

  • Detailed ultrasound imaging of the heart using endoscope

ETT - Exercise Tolerance Test, Treadmill

  • A functional assessment of the heart

ILR - Implantable Loop Recorder

  • Implantable device for diagnostics of sporadic faintings or palpitations

Pacemaker Implantation

  • Implantable device to normalize your heartbeat and prevent blackouts

Coronary Angiogram, Heart Catheterization

  • The ultimate imaging test for coronary arteries

PCI - Coronary Angioplasty, Stenting

  • Catheter treatment of narrowings and blockages in the coronary arteries

Medical Insurers

Dr P Ruzicka has contracts with all leading private medical insurers, including AXA PPP, BUPA, Allianz Worldwide Care, Aviva, CIGNA, PruHealth, Saga, Simply Health and WPA.