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Consultant Cardiologist Dr Ruzicka offers his expertise
in diagnostics and treatment of heart disease.

Dr Ruzicka provides top quality cardiology care in a friendly and comfortable environment of a private hospital. Each and every patient with problems including chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations and blackouts receives first class service. Dr Ruzicka has extensive experience in management of angina, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, valve disease, cardiovascular screening and prevention.

Appointments: 0161 495 7000

No waiting time

Private appointments can be booked up to one hour before the start of the clinic. Diagnostic tests sometimes available on the same day and always within one week. Clinic letters are typed on the day of the clinic and posted the following working day.


Palpitations are usually harmless but it is important to rule out heart rhythm problem which may require treatment. 24-hour ECG monitor for reliable diagnosis can now be attached immediatelly after consultation.

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Heart MOT

A full heart health check with assessment of cardiovascular risk factors. Early detection and treatment can improve long term health. Get tailored lifestyle advice!

Private cardiology clinic at the Alexandra Hospital

Appointments: 0161 495 7000
Fax:                 0161 820 2775

Mill Lane

    • Book your appointment on-line below or call the booking office at the Alexandra Hospital.

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Top quality cardiology care in a friendly environment

Insured patients
Dr Ruzicka has contracts with all main private medical insurers and is 'fee-assured' Consultant which means that his fees are within limits set by insurance companies.

Self-funding patients
New consultation with ECG is only £220, follow-up consultation £120. Discount £20 if paid cash in clinic. Self-funding patients don’t need a GP referral. For details please click here: